Friday, September 3, 2010

American Girl *

I am recently an employee of american girl place Los Angeles. started august 16th
I don't share a lot of those details on this blog. sorry about that. 
anyway its an adorable store. 
i love there historical characters
so wonderful, amazing attention to detail.
i grew up loving american girl, never could afford a doll though, but my mom bought my sister and i the  paper dolls and craft books and fictional books.






Lulu said...

aww! i had Felicity when i was younger. i loved her because of her red hair. i hope you're having fun working there! =D

Hannah Louise said...

ahhh. i've never been a massive fan of dolls. when i was little i was bought a few porcelain dolls but ended up having to keep them at my nans house as they creeped me out too much! i love the detail to different time periods in these though. x

Kristi Scott said...

Love it. I was OBSESSED as a kid. My mom spoiled me with a Samantha doll, Addy doll, a like personalized one that was supposed to be "me", and a baby doll one (do they still have those?). I subscribed to the American Girl magazine for about 5 years too. And I about died of happiness when I went into the LA store a few years ago. You are the perfect person to work there, Bree!

Fickle Cattle said...

They are incredible. And so cute!

carissa said...

i have addy. her hair is crazy. but i love her, especially her nitegown.

JMay said...

This is so cool! Addy was always my fav. I had all the dolls when I was younger (obsessed), haha!