Saturday, August 28, 2010


rummaging through older photographs on iphoto, 
this taken by me, taken, guess where?

love all of you
with all the pieces of my heart
and its strings
tied in bows
p.s. here are my feet, taken in march 


Indie.Tea said...

Ooo, how lovely. Especially the first photograph :)

Penelope Nightingale said...

Your shoes are fantastic, as is your blog. Thank you for the lovely comment =)!

Little Monarch said...

what lovely little shoes :-)where is the first photo taken? thanks for your comment!

Andrea said...

I have no idea where the first picture was taken, but I love it, and I love your blog. xx

girl&bird said...

lovely feet, lovely shoes!

I recently stumbled upon your blog and I love it, especially your drawings!
I've just started my own blog which has a couple of questions on it about bloggers and trends.
I would love, if you have time, whenever you have time, if you could help me with it! I'd love to hear your point of view (:
The website is:

i really hope to hear from you soon!

annah x