Monday, August 9, 2010

J. Crew

when did you get so cool? 

I'm in love with J. Crew's fall look book, its my inspiration for fall. 
how pretty is this model? i've never been a fan or platinum blonde, but she does it gracefully, with her pretty pale skin. 
I bought a tube of barbie pink lipstick, I wasn't sure if i could pull it off, but i actually really love it!
and i want that hat in the 3rd photo.. 



The Cat and The Cow said...

Its true, J. Crew is amazing!! I had kind of forgotten about it, then 2 years ago I found out they were opening one in my town and hiring. So I applied and got the job. I worked there for a little over a year and fell in love with their line!!!! Beautiful fall collection!! It kills me that I dont have my discount there anymore!

Hannah Louise said...

winter could be the time for new hats!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

I also want the hat in the 3rd photo!

Lilies of the Field said...

i think i saved that exact J.crew catalog. ;) All of it was SOO o fun and belonged in my dreambook.