Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Most fantastic Music Video

Wakey!Wakey! - Light Outside from VsTheBrain on Vimeo.

This Wonderful Video was directed by Andrew Gallo, he collaborated with his lovely wife Carissa Gallo to make this wonderful video for the band Wakey! wakey! For this project they were both behind and in front of the camera. You may remember there names from the photo shoot they did with Zach and I. They are a wonderfully talented couple and I love them dearly
enjoy :)


Helsbells said...

I really like this music video,and the song, thanks so muchf for posting, made me smile.

Gypsy with a Camera said...

how sweet! :) i was almost thinking it was going to be sad. thanks for sharing!

Paige Baker said...

Just found you through Dori, love your blog. Love your artsy pro-life style:)