Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beat It!

Beat it one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs, and this video is so excellent, i wish i could dance like this, so great!
i love Michael, and i do not think he was a pedo

whats your Favorite Michael Jackson song?


Ashley said...

I luv Michael Jackson tooo much. My favourite sing of him is ''The Way You Make Me Feel & Give in to Me '' ;) ─░ love his performance ,i love his life style i love his every step.He was the one ! He was the King.There will be no one like MJ again.
Lots of greetings
ps : Hey check this out. We had a ''You are Talent show '' here in Turkey and there was a 11 years old boy danced like totally Mj. Just go to youtube and write KAAN BAYBA─×. There are lots of fan of him from another parts of the world.

Maggie L. said...

=D love this one; "Thriller," "Black or White," and "We Are Here to Change the World (from Captain EO)." Had a lot of fun performing a dance routine to "Black or White" last year.

<3 you Bree!

Mila said...

ooh yeah i love MJ too, and i am also sure he wasn't a pedo. he just can't be, i think he was a truly beautiful person.

me fave song is: will you be there.
so moving.