Friday, February 26, 2010

Horse Culture

as of late i have been very much in love with horse jackets (horse rugs) 
yesterday I took my dear little friend Elitza to riding lessons 
as i strolled through the stables i was freshly inspired by the cute little jackets and capes the lovely creatures wore. 
here are some pretty pictures i found on flickr, enjoy :)
click on the photo's to see source

i hope everyone is doing wonderfully :)
love all 

p.s. i dedicate this post to my lovely friend Lindsay Laliberte she is a fantastic artist check out her work

p.p.s. today i decided that my favorite smell (besides zach) is earl grey tea, ah it is delicious. what is your favorite smell loves?


Charlotte. said...

i love the second photo.

Eve said...

They're so cute!! I like the last picture!
Smells are quite interesting! I happen to really like the smell of clean sheets and oranges.


carissa said...

ha i love how you said 'beside zach'.. i know just what you mean.

Miss Woody said...

love your blog !

Mila said...

Hi beautiful!

I really LOVE your blog too! It's such a pretty and personal place...
I also love horses, to me they are such beautiful and calming creatures.
I am now going to visit the link you suggested.
Thanks so much for your wonderful blog, dear!


Liliana Lucki said...

Love your blog,very nice.

Wonderful work!!!

From Argentina,Liliana

OneCraftyFox said...

I sometimes spend more money on my horses winter gear than my own, lol!