Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hi Ya'll

hello everyone sorry for my long absence, i've been sick for over 3 weeks, went to the doc yesterday, turns out i have a bacterial infection..... so i'm on a ten day round of antibiotics... ick, i'm anti antibiotics (i'm guessing the biotics are against then too.. har har... )  but my doctor who i trust said they were necessary
soo i have been lots of the below 

story of my trip told mainly by pictures i took
                                     photo taken in seattle washington :) pike street market.
                  on the way to spokane we got to for a bit in seattle, it was great i'd never been there.
not eating these just the veggies, i'm a herbivore 


 taken on the drive form seattle to spokane

The Gorgeous Molly Hannula :) 

a house in spokane

lovely molls with her etsy camera strap, and hat she knit herself :)

mount rainier!
flying home :( 

i had so much fun with the lovely hannula family, and i miss you all so much! 
thanks again for having me :)

anyone been on fun trips lately?? 

love, love, love


kate maggie said...

Gosh its so beautiful there. Seattle has to be my favorite city on the face of the planet. All those veggies look so so good. Very jealous of your trip :)

lakhsmita indira said...

no, but i would love to someday!
you're so lucky :)))
btw, i'd like to buy pretty things in that antiques shop!!! seems nice...


Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Brilliant pictures of "the mountain." It looks like a marvelous visit.


Lovely images!
Continue to feel better dear~
xo as always*

Brianna said...

Lovely photos =)
I'm glad you came to Spokane, it was so good to see you!

Ann Marie said...

my brother lives near seattle, and i LOVE to visit. looks like your trip was just lovely.
hope you feel better soon.

Under Capricorn said...

Such beautiful images. Thank you for following us!
Under Capricorn Vintage