Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feliz cumpleaños my little panamanian boy

on the fifth of february zachary davis laliberte turned twenty
so we celebrated by me accidentally locking the keys in car. we were by the beach so we took the opportunity to find seashell and pretty rocks.
then we had dinner at the best restaurant in world it's called spread, if you are ever in north park san diego, or just california for that matter, go there! 

present box. i got him the coat seen above

so this is kinda of an uneventful post.
but he's such a cutie that i could'nt help but post this pictures. 

anyways lovely's, how are you? 
whats new? tell me, tell, tell,

p.s. see more photos on flickr 

love, love, love love


lakhsmita indira said...

you know, this lovely post makes me smile :)
too sweet... xox

Lexie said...

happy birthday to your love!

Juan-Carlos said...

My, what a cute boyfriend you have! :)