Friday, February 26, 2010

Horse Culture

as of late i have been very much in love with horse jackets (horse rugs) 
yesterday I took my dear little friend Elitza to riding lessons 
as i strolled through the stables i was freshly inspired by the cute little jackets and capes the lovely creatures wore. 
here are some pretty pictures i found on flickr, enjoy :)
click on the photo's to see source

i hope everyone is doing wonderfully :)
love all 

p.s. i dedicate this post to my lovely friend Lindsay Laliberte she is a fantastic artist check out her work

p.p.s. today i decided that my favorite smell (besides zach) is earl grey tea, ah it is delicious. what is your favorite smell loves?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feliz cumpleaƱos my little panamanian boy

on the fifth of february zachary davis laliberte turned twenty
so we celebrated by me accidentally locking the keys in car. we were by the beach so we took the opportunity to find seashell and pretty rocks.
then we had dinner at the best restaurant in world it's called spread, if you are ever in north park san diego, or just california for that matter, go there! 

present box. i got him the coat seen above

so this is kinda of an uneventful post.
but he's such a cutie that i could'nt help but post this pictures. 

anyways lovely's, how are you? 
whats new? tell me, tell, tell,

p.s. see more photos on flickr 

love, love, love love

Monday, February 15, 2010

Precious Gift

lovely yesterday. 
Mister Zach gave me the greatest, most wonderful, sweet, darling, cherished, gift. he made a book of us :) 
a book :) 
of us!
aww the cords of my heart are reeling and turning just thinking about it. 
it is such a lovely book, with story reminiscent of a children's book. children's books are my favorite. as much as i love well written complexity's; somehow the simplicity of a child's story seems almost deeper at times. 
so he is wonderful. take at look at this book :)

photo's from our shoot with the darling darling Carissa Gallo. the other photo's random snapshots taken at various times. 
aw :) what a man. 


Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Valentine

Happy Valentines my dears.

I spent the afternoon of the twelfth of february preparing my sweet hearts gift, i got a little carried away.. but i had fun. I love little details, i obsess over then. so packaging Zach's gift was so fun for me.

if you would like to see more photos of my little project click here

Well loves i hope you have an excellent Valentines day. I gotta go get some sleep my sweetheart is coming in the morning! :) 
love love love
xx <3 xx

p.s. you dolls doing anything lovely for valentines day? 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hi Ya'll

hello everyone sorry for my long absence, i've been sick for over 3 weeks, went to the doc yesterday, turns out i have a bacterial infection..... so i'm on a ten day round of antibiotics... ick, i'm anti antibiotics (i'm guessing the biotics are against then too.. har har... )  but my doctor who i trust said they were necessary
soo i have been lots of the below 

story of my trip told mainly by pictures i took
                                     photo taken in seattle washington :) pike street market.
                  on the way to spokane we got to for a bit in seattle, it was great i'd never been there.
not eating these just the veggies, i'm a herbivore 


 taken on the drive form seattle to spokane

The Gorgeous Molly Hannula :) 

a house in spokane

lovely molls with her etsy camera strap, and hat she knit herself :)

mount rainier!
flying home :( 

i had so much fun with the lovely hannula family, and i miss you all so much! 
thanks again for having me :)

anyone been on fun trips lately?? 

love, love, love