Monday, January 25, 2010

fly away.

           tomorrow morning I am going to be  in route to spokane WA, to visit my dearest friend Molly for one week :)

this is a photo of her taken in november 2008 that last time i was there, I am very excited to be there again :)

Molly is an excellent photographer, this photo is by her, i don't think she has a public photo sharing profile of any kind, so i cant link you anything, but i'll tell her to get one because she is marvelous. so excited to be in her inspiring presence! eek

lots of love



The Fallons said...

YAY!!!! you are coming to Spokane, you are coming to Spokane!!!! I can't wait!!!!!! :D

Meral Erdoğan said...

colors, the pose and the impression are just perfect!

Lexie said...

have a wonderful time with your friend!

kate maggie said...

I love the pictures! Also, have an amazing trip to Spokane with your friends! x

lakhsmita indira said...

i want to fly away too!!!! :))


Valentine Devlieghere said...

You have a great blog!
Best of luck! ;)

Follow me if you want on

x Valentine