Monday, January 25, 2010

fly away.

           tomorrow morning I am going to be  in route to spokane WA, to visit my dearest friend Molly for one week :)

this is a photo of her taken in november 2008 that last time i was there, I am very excited to be there again :)

Molly is an excellent photographer, this photo is by her, i don't think she has a public photo sharing profile of any kind, so i cant link you anything, but i'll tell her to get one because she is marvelous. so excited to be in her inspiring presence! eek

lots of love


Friday, January 22, 2010

Etsy Shop Update

"But I Wanted Wings" 

For Sale!!!
                         Story of a young girl who wished to fly, but who's wish went awry 

oh and this is my bedroom

One Night a young girl climbed a tree too high, she was too afraid to climb down. The girl thought ‘if only i were a bird I could fly down’. Suddenly a Falling Star shot across the sky; she wished aloud "I wish a were a Bird Girl" she waited, but nothing happened. The girl fell asleep that night in the tree. When she awakened she felt different, as she brought her hands to her face to wipe the sleep out of her eye's she realized something had changed drastically while she was sleeping. Instead of skin she felt feathers. Excitedly she looked down at her arms but they were the same human girl arms she had always had. Her wish came true, just not the way she planned. Next time she sees a falling star she will have to wish for wings. 

38 inches wide by 33 Inches tall
Depth 1/2 inch 

*Self stretched 
*three fabric panel's self sewn
*Vintage fabric

visit me at

love love love

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Doris Salcedo

Doris Salcedo's chair installation is so, is so, is so... well i don't even know how to quite describe it. take a look for your self.

I love how the sculpture interacts with its surroundings, and how meager its surounds are. I greatly enjoy the age of the chairs, each has its own story and life, each chair could be a stand alone art piece. Multitude and repetition can do one of two things in art work: accentuate the impact, or cheapen the subject, in this case i believe the multitude accentuates the individuality and importance of each chair. that is not easy to convey.
beautifully done.
love love

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Deer me

I believe that if i were to be an animal, i would be a deer.

Photo by the lovely Jenny James.

This one is a recent sketch of mine entitled "Oh Deer" (poor quality caused by cellphone camera)

 "Oh Deer" is exactly how i felt last night due to my unexpected five hour migraine.... i used to get migraines a lot, the bad kind where light kills and you cant stop puking. I figured out that i was allergic to artificial sweeteners, stopped eating or drinking any of them, and i was fine. but yesterday out of the blue i had one it was awful... and i just don't know what triggered it ..
any ideas?
 on a happier note; what kind of animal to you think you are most like?

love love love -bree

Friday, January 8, 2010

Photo Shoot

Just before Christmas my dearest Zach and i did a photo shoot with Carissa Gallo. Her husband Andrew was there also, and they are so lovely.

we did the shoot by these lovely stables in poway, near my Lovey's home.

is he not cute? :)

i love this one :) that horse was so funny.

and this one :) Carissa is amazing.


i love his Michael jackson socks :) <3

this shoot was so fun. thanks again Carissa and Andrew!  love you guys :)

visit Carissa the fine photographer at her website a

find andrew the fine film editor and creator at

check out there christmas gift video they made at:

love love love