Saturday, December 25, 2010


Saturday December 18th 2010, is a day I shall never forget,

it all started that morning when Zach picked me up from his parents house to take me to breakfast.
the destination? a surprise as always :)
for those of you who know zach well you know that he gets lost easily, i think every time we are together we get lost at least once. i don't mind though at least we are together :)
but this time was different, he knew exactly how to get there, to scripps park La Jolla, a place he'd never been, and he didn't even need the directions to guide him. when we got there he pulled out a picnic basket, and his guitar, and said this is your present, and i wrote you a song for our anniversary.
I thought he was being so romantic and wonderful, providing picnic by the sea in a gazebo with a song just for me.

 but i was clueless about what else was in store. when we settled in the gazebo he asked if he could play his song, i said yes (of course) so he stood up in front of me and began to play and sing this lovely song

"Beyond the stars
Below any sea
Calling you baby
Come stay in my heart
And if you please
I hope you don't mind
But I've got a whole lotta space
In my life
When my eyes fail
And I can't hardly breathe
I just want you there
There by my side

You've got a hold on me
I can't deny
So baby bree
Be my bride
Baby be my bride
Baby be my bride
Be my bride
Be my bride"

i was shocked in the very best way possible

he got down on one knee... and pulled out a

pastry receipt...


with the ring inside it,
the most beautiful ring in the world,

he designed it just for me :)

he told me he loved me, and asked me to mary him.
i said yes !!!
and gave him a huge hug!

we had a juno moment,  he was still wearing his guitar while he hugged,
and he said after quite some time "i feel like theres something between us"
so he took off his guitar and we continued hugging, laughing talking, and i couldn't stop crying.
all day,
on and off
at the drop of hat
i would burst into tears or joy.
I'm so in love with him
and my heart grew so many sizes that day
just like the grinch!

we didn't call or text anyone for a while, we wanted to just savior that moment.
we were engaged.
and we are going to get married
and spend the rest of our lives together.
what a beautiful thing

allison and and Mom (zach's mom Kei) came to see us and congratulate us.
after we left the park we went to wlamart :) haha and the salvation army :)
got a cool musc box chrstmas gifts and yarn.
then we went back to his familys house to say hi the the kids before we went to dinner at our favorite restaurant Spread. but when we opened the door, my whole family was there!! along with his family !
and we had a wonderful family dinner and celebrated this wonderful occasion.
i couldnt ask for a better day :)

i am going to marry the most wonderful man i ever met, who's more perfect for me then i could ever imagine.
God is so wonderful to bring us together.
i pray God will receive all glory from our relationship, and that we would be so much stronger together the apart.
I love you Zachary Davis Laliberte
and i cannot wait until the day that i will share your name and become
Mrs. Laliberte
Bree Lauren Morton Laliberte
Bree Laliberte

i love you

so this is our engagement story
i'm sorry its so long !
but even with all the words i've used i cant describe it fully.
so hope that you atleast get the gist that this day was very lovely.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A home for the holidays

I got a second job.
I an now a seasonal part time employee of anthropologie in pasadena

I'm looking forward to God growing me this month,
i feel this is the start of good things to come.

i love you all!

Friday, October 15, 2010

mountain scape

Thursday, September 9, 2010

australian desert gardens 08

going through some photos,
found these from 2 years ago

huntington library


i love this fall weather here in los angeles!

Friday, September 3, 2010

American Girl *

I am recently an employee of american girl place Los Angeles. started august 16th
I don't share a lot of those details on this blog. sorry about that. 
anyway its an adorable store. 
i love there historical characters
so wonderful, amazing attention to detail.
i grew up loving american girl, never could afford a doll though, but my mom bought my sister and i the  paper dolls and craft books and fictional books.





Saturday, August 28, 2010


rummaging through older photographs on iphoto, 
this taken by me, taken, guess where?

love all of you
with all the pieces of my heart
and its strings
tied in bows
p.s. here are my feet, taken in march 

Monday, August 23, 2010

my language

sketch book series
xoxo -bree
 P.s. i have long wanted to say coco, instead of xoxo, but i feared confusing others

Friday, August 13, 2010

Birthday girls

dedicated to no one, I kinda wish they were birthday card portraits of my friends but they are not.
i can still do that at some point

created with simple fine point felt pens, using a limited color pallet
created 9 months apart 
I felt out of character drawing them 
but i love them

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


soul translation

new drawing
drawn after saying good bye to zach, till the next visit, when he got home he made music.
i love the way we both respond artistically.
created with pen and ink
and watercolor paint.
displayed with seashells and rocks my papa (grandpa) found
he died when i was three
but i love him so
all my family speaks of him glowingly
i hope i'm spoken of so well

Monday, August 9, 2010

J. Crew

when did you get so cool? 

I'm in love with J. Crew's fall look book, its my inspiration for fall. 
how pretty is this model? i've never been a fan or platinum blonde, but she does it gracefully, with her pretty pale skin. 
I bought a tube of barbie pink lipstick, I wasn't sure if i could pull it off, but i actually really love it!
and i want that hat in the 3rd photo..