Wednesday, December 30, 2009

new year

it is almost the new year.
generally i do not go for new years resolutions, but this year i have one.  in the calendar year of twenty ten i would like to be a much more organized and neat person. i'm kinda a pack rat who collects lots of cool little things to turn into art work or decorate with. besides the pac rat part, this is not a bad thing. the problem is that i do not have enough room for all of it.
from now on i want to live more simply.
i  shall give lots of things away, my stuff will bless others far more then it blesses me.

okay i love this room! i know its not simple, but it is orderly, and it fits my other resolution which is.....

To read more.  my lovely Mum, who's birthday it is today! (happy birthday mum!) just bought me two lovely books on amazon,

the Picture of Dorian Gray

                                                     Hans Christian Anderson Fairy tales :)
I am very excited to read these. the last fictional books i read was the twilight saga.....  yeah....

any resolutions for you dears?

xoxo ~bree


Dylana said...

I wish you a lovely new year!

Brianna said...

I LOVE that room!! Especially the awesome bookshelves (I could use some more of those).

Going through all your things and organizing them is hard but living more simply is a great way to look at it...and like you said it will bless other people too.

Roxana said...

yes. to keep reading your lovely blog. xoxox

Amy Brown said...

The Picture of Dorian Gray! One of the acest books ever!