Saturday, November 28, 2009


sorry i have not posted much of my art lately, there is so much much to post, i still have not gotten around to scanning/ taking pictures of most of them.
here is one though that i did a little while back called "trance"

monochromatic, crow quill pen and ink, and gouache, on bristle paper

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


it  was my nineteenth birthday on the 21st of november
i celebrated by holding a costume dance party on the evening of the 20th, it was loads of fun! my dear friends zach and lindsay helped my soo much with decorating and just everything. the party turned out beautifully. my only regret is that i did not take pictures, here are a few pictures my busy mother took.

Zach and i as the March hare and the Mad hatter :) i was the hatter and he the hare.

lindsay was alice :) (lindsay laliberte of "moon shadow milk")

we had lots of fun :)