Monday, September 28, 2009

if it comes to mind..

sooo if you have been thinking "hmmm what should i get bree for her birthday?" even though its about 2 months away... you should know that i love these :)

Sperry Top-Sider Shearwater Boot 

p.s. i'm a size nine ;)
xoxo ~bree

Thursday, September 24, 2009

the era of kings

inspired by the era of kings? yes i guess sooo.
new illustration this one is just something i did on my own time not for an assignment.
i hope you all are well :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Court Jester

latest project for illustration class, Osaka wanted us to draw a playing card so i drew/ painted this :)
illustration, quill pen and ink and acrylic paint

Friday, September 18, 2009

if i had money

Anthropologie causes me to wish i had money

and at the same time makes me glad that I do not have money. for spending my money on these beautiful products is frivolous, considering all of the other worth while investments that are out there, such as furthering the gospel locally and globally, providing clean water for children, and so on and so forth. it is sad to me that i am eager to spend my money on things that will wither away instead of investing in treasures that will last forever and affect the lives of those near and far. I am grateful for for beautiful things that remind of the fact that my heart is in the wrong place.
but hey if they go on sale  then thats not so bad ;) he he, because man that first sweater is fantastic :D

Thursday, September 10, 2009


the most wonderful home work that has ever been assigned to me :) i just love my classes :)

intermediate oil painting class :) taught by the lovely Rebecca Morris, we had to make one "good painting" and one "bad painting" good and bad could mean what ever you wanted this is what i did ^

illustration class :) ^ taught by Richard Osaka  he had us illustrate 2 or more words that he put up on the board, i chose blue fragile and nice. this is what happened :)
i love how much artistic freedom i have been given in all my classes!
what i am working on right now it my sculpture project she asked us to make a sculpture out of found or recycled materials :) i am so excited! and slightly nervous given the short amount of time i have for completion, pray for me!

Friday, September 4, 2009

busy bee

i have been legitimately busy this past week. I am not generally legitimately busy, i'm often busy doing busy work, busy drawing, busy painting busy sewing busy thinking and nannying..... which i guess is more lagit.. but this week has been a doozy with strange vacations to Lake Tahoe/Carson City, dealing with fires (which thank you Lord have moved away from us :) the start of school and the start of homework. luckily for me my home work is fun :) considering i am taking 3 classes being Intermediate painting, sculpture and illustration (FUN!) i guess i can not call my self lucky for it was by my choosing that i am in these classes and these classes alone, but you can call me happy :) 

this is part of my home work for my painting class :) its a portrait of my lovely sister Malah, this is my way of dealing with my sister alone with the fires.

anyway HAPPY FRIDAY! today has been such a relief for me :) i have barely left my home :) got to love weekends :) particularly after a week such as this... 

love and kisses ~bree

P.S. sorry the photo is such poor quality i do not know what is going on with my camera...