Saturday, August 22, 2009

art cars

I have been working on customizing my car as of late, i have not gotten very far, only patterned rug floor mats,and pink stitching on the leather seats wear it is torn so far..

in the end my car will not be as elaborate as these but they are inspiring none the less this super cool hippie bus via

wonderful art car by Severija see more of these wonderful embroidered cars and other metal things at this art work blows my mind


and also via

if you have done something cool to your car post some pictures of it for me!
i will post pictures of my car soon.


Nadja said...

I like it

Andrea said...

These cars look amazing,and i love your blog you have really interesting stuff on here.

x x x x

evita nuh said...

those are super cool car! can;t wait for your car pictures :D

Lindsay Laliberte said...

Ha, thanks for making me covet ;)
and we will have some coconut green tea from pannikins when you come down again. it's thebest.
and and, when i have a baby girl, will you buy this for me pleassssseeee?