Wednesday, July 29, 2009

must have

this wonderful compass necklace from 23rd street vintage is essential for you never know when your going to get lost in the woods

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xo <3

Polly Verity

i am amazed by these wire paper sculptures by polly verity of polyscene

i want one, but i'm sure they are out of my price range.. oh well i can still look :)

and check out her flickr at

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

she sells seashells by the sea shore

seashells are very special to me and just the sight of them bring back many memories :)
such as the night over two years ago when i first found out that this wonderful boy liked me.
that night he led worship at a small church in orange county (he lives in san diego i in Los angeles, so orange county is good for meeting in the middle) so i went to the church where he led worship that night, and after church a bunch of us hung out at a friends place.
there he showed me his seashell collection that he kept in his backpack (such a dork but that is one of the reasons i like him so much :) at the time i thought seashells were quite tacky but of course i did not let on, i was just glad to be near to him
about a year later we became boyfriend and girlfriend and he brought with him seashells for me and glasses wipes (the glasses wipes are another story ;) which i shall save for later )

at any rate i have grown to love seashells because of the memories they bring and the memories they bring cause me to see the true beauty in the seashells, the magnificent design of my creator.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the many faces of Alice


images by lewis carroll

illustration by Peter Newell

still from Walt Disney's Alice in wonderland 1951

still's from tim burtons alice in wonderland

vogue december 2003

Maria Kirk - 1904

A.E. Jackson, 1915

my version of alice accomplished this afternoon.
alice inspired pen, colored pencil and watercolor collage with sewn on buttons and stitching to hold it in place

i have always been inspired by lewis carroll's dreamy schemes in alice in wonderland, so beautiful and true to the way dreams often go although mine are hardly every this interesting.
post your favorite pictures of alice!



some of my more recent drawings, in graphite, colored pencil, and pen enjoy :)

(not so recent) Lolah graphite

" I Am Alive" graphite and colored pencil

" Garden Phone" graphite, colored pencil and pen

"My grandfathers stopwatch" graphite and colored pencil
concept for painting.

"the bright idea" graphite and colored pencil
painting concept as well

Monday, July 20, 2009

the hidden world of eloise

i am in love
hidden eloise takes you on a adventure, it sucks you in and takes you to knew places only thought of in dreams or fairy tales, yet i also cant help feeling that it is all real..
take a look.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009


inspired by annette of carambatack visit her etsy at-

must have

i am inspired by these amazing mad scientist goggles. i very much want them. though they may seem impractical i must argue that they are essential. what an aid they would be for fine detail art work? and can you imagine how inspirational it would be to simply wear them? yes essential for sure :)

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